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Welcome to GMod DayZ

a Completely Custom & Unique Gamemode for Garry's Mod
by Phoenixf129

Part of Hellbreak Networks

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GMod DayZ is a custom Garry's Mod Gamemode very loosely based on Arma II DayZ, but with many extra elements and features to enhance replay-ability. See images/media for more info!

*Versions 6.66- were previously released in public from December 2018 - May 2019 for FREE. Versions 6.66+ are private updates only available on the Official server!

Support was available from 2015-2018, I no longer support or update public versions.

As of 24 / 04 / 2020 i now no longer distribute any public versions. The insults and demands for free code/spoonfeeding was not working for me.

I am available for hire, DM Phoenixf129 on our discord. Hopefully I don't need to show any examples of my work!

Honestly, there's too many features to accurately document them all here, check out Updates for version history!

  • Hotbar to interact with items in an easy manner.
  • Item Rarities & Conditions. All items have their own conditions and deteriorate on use/over-time. Rarities are controlled via item config files!
  • Lootable Entities, contents controlled by area/model!
  • Trading System. Easily trade with other players via your menu!
  • Building with collection system (Wood).
  • Custom Map Support - See Documentation for info!
  • Support For Well-known Weapon Bases, and their attachments.
  • NPC Shop System- Buy/Sell items. Randomized items every 20 minutes.
  • Advanced Crafting/Cooking System with customizable recipes.
  • Player Groups System.
  • Custom Item Drag/Drop support.
  • Over 300 find-able items, resources and gear!.
  • Advanced Equip System. (Change Clothes/Weaponry/Wearable hats!)
  • Custom Menu-Hub for Inventory, Bank and other tabs.
  • Hunger/Thirst/Blood/Health/Sprinting systems!
  • Custom Zombies with custom-made sounds.
  • Advanced Item/Character persistence:
    • What you leave with (including position) is what you come back with.
  • Extensive PVP/PVE experience.
  • Advanced Loot system:
    • 6 Types of loot, Basic, Industrial, Weapon, Hat, Food and Medical. Each type can spawn randomly, or preset in one area.
  • Unique HUD.
  • No FastDL Required!
  • SafeZone Entity System, preventing damage in certain areas.
  • Advanced Leveling system with unlockables, crafting and rewards!
  • Perks - Permanent Upgrades for your character!