Frequently Asked Questions you should totally read these before making a ticket


If you're running a custom map, make sure you have setup the initial spawn position and safezone positions.
You can do this by typing these commands in your console: dz_setinitialspawn and dz_szteleportpos

This will set the Initial spawn position for players on the map (to where you are standing when you execute this command) and the "Safe Zone" teleport position respectively.

If you haven't set up any player spawns yet, the gamemode will attempt to default to map spawns.

If the error is with vanilla GMod DayZ, please check your server console for start up errors after the ASCII art. The gamemode will attempt to be as helpful and verbose as possible.
If it is indeed an issue with the gamemode, please make a ticket under Bug Reports and we will address it in due time.
Be as descriptive as possible about your issue, if we cannot reproduce it, we cannot fix it. Post your error logs and what you are doing that causes the error. Thanks!

Please refer to the MySQL Setup Guide and follow the instructions.

Either your database information is incorrect, you've installed the MySQL binaries incorrectly, or your database host is set to accept connections offline/local only.

The installation instructions have not been followed correctly. Either;

1. MySQL connection is incorrect or not setup.

2. Custom map, MapIndex hasn't been set.

The file you've recently edited/created for your current map has an issue, make sure you check over this file to make sure everything is in order and correct syntax has been used. Use the rp_pripyat examples inside data/dayz for a comparison.