Admin Commands

NOTE: You may need a Admin mod such as ULX or Evolve to issue these commands as GMod DayZ does not come with an built in admin mod.

These commands work in your in-game console, not the servers.

Commands prefixed with * are Super-Admin only.

Commands that also work in the server console are prefixed with ^.

NOTE: Player names are searched, so you can supply part of or all of a name.

Setup Commmands:

*dz_setinitialspawn - Sets the initial player spawn-point (where players spawn before they load/create character, a safe place)
*dz_setszteleportpos - Sets the safezone teleport position. Used if teleporting is enabled, or the player is brand new (spawn in safezone)

Generic Commmands:

dz_configmenu - Opens the server configuration menu. Most config options are editable from here. Admins can view, Superadmins can edit.
*dz_givemenu - Opens a menu that SuperAdmins can give themselves items from for "debugging" purposes.
*dz_reloadconfig - Reloads the server config. This is automatically done and should only be used as a fallback method if you manually edit the file.
^*dz_reloaditems - Reloads all items on both server and clients. This is in-case you live edit your items.
dz_maketrader /1 - Spawns a shop npc (or vip npc) at your location/angles. No arguments for non-vip trader.
*dz_makezombie - Spawns a zombie where you are looking.
*dz_makevehicle - Spawns a vehicle where you are looking.
^dz_changeshop - Refreshes the items in the store.
^dz_reloadsafezones - Reloads the safezones from the data files. Useful if you live edit.
^dz_reloadradzones - Like the above, for radiation zones.
^dz_reloadzombies - Reloads the NPC information, and respawns all NPCs (Will be renamed to dz_reloadnpcs in a future update!)

dz_makeinteractable 1/2/3/4 -- Spawns either a campfire, an upgrade table, a safezone teleporter or a practice arena teleporter entity at the position you are looking.
dz_turnlootable - Turns the prop you are looking at into a lootable entity.
dz_turnprop - Reverses the above action.
^dz_makecarepackage - Spawns a carepackage in the sky above where you are looking.
dz_toolgun - Gives you a toolgun. Rainbows.
wepswitch weapon_physgun - Gives you a physgun.
dz_printprop - Prints the model, position and angle of the prop you are looking at.
dz_printitems - Prints all of the items available in the gamemode by category. 

Player-Specific Commands:

^dz_sethealth "player_name" amount - Set the targeted players health.
^dz_sethunger "player_name" amount - Set the targeted players hunger.
^dz_setthirst "player_name" amount - Set the targeted players thirst.
*^dz_giveitem "item_id" amount "player_name" quality rarity - Gives an item of that amount. Quality (1-1000); Rarity (1-7) ( No name will give it to you, server console requires part, or all of name. )
*^dz_giveammo "player_name" amount -- Gives ammo for the currently held weapon.
*^dz_resetplayer "player_name" - Completely reset the player including their items, inventory and bank.
*^dz_giveallblueprints "player_name" - Gives the specified player all blueprints.
*^dz_removeallblueprints "player_name" - Removes every blueprint the player has.
^dz_maxneeds "player_name" - Maxes the hunger, thirst, health and blood of the player.
dz_who "searchnick" - Outputs information about connected players. Also searches for player with nickname(admin only) 

Steamid-Specific Commands

*^dz_resetid "steamid" - Completely reset the player including their items, inventory and bank; steamid edition, in case they disconnect!
*^dz_giveitemid "item_id" amount "steamid" quality rarity - Give the item that has been specified with also the amount that has been specified to the players STEAM ID.