Map Setup Guide

  1. Select which map you wish to set-up on, and download the map and content and install them (obviously).

  2. Restart and join your server.

  3. Navigate to “garrysmod/data/dayz/safezones/”, you'll need to edit the safezones as they are not currently supported by the ingame Map Setup System.
    1. Get out your hands, look where you want the bottom left corner of the safezone to start and left click. 
    2. Look in your console, clicking output a vector (those 3 weird numbers). Copy this.
    3. You will be making a box out of two vectors, top left & bottom right co-ordinates. See Cube image below for visual representation. 
    4. Edit the file for your map located in the above folder and add your vectors while using the pre-supplied examples for other maps.
    4b. Adding "arena": "true" or "vip": "true" sets the Safezone as an Arena, or VIP area respectively. See Examples.
    5. You may optionally do the above for radiation zones (radzones) as well.
    6. Running the commands dz_reloadsafezones / dz_reloadradzones will immediately update.

  4. If you are an admin, you should now be able to hold C to open the context menu. You will now see the admin menu. Setup the spawns at your leisure.

  5. You can spawn props and make lootables using the Q/C menu while in Admin Mode. Just don't forget to Force Save afterwards!

Think of zone's as a cube. Start at the top left most position, then the far bottom right. You'll need these two vectors.

rp_ineu_valley_v1a Example: