Server Setup Guide

Final public release: 6.66

Useful Admin Commands

For Updating:

  1. If you edited the gamemode version, consider yourself broken if a MySQL update was released.
  2. See Updates log for latest changes. Updates may require other addons to be updated also.
  3. Upload the update / start your server.

Important Info Before Set-up:

  1. The gamemode now works in 'singleplayer' 2 player mode+. If you are here for this, you can completely ignore this guide.
  2. It is designed to be hosted by dedicated SRCDS. You can find a guide here.
  3. Have a MySQL Database, and be able to connect to it locally OR externally from your server. The gamemode does work with SQLite, however MySQL is recommended for servers!
  4. Add +r_hunkalloclightmaps 0 -tickrate 33 to your command line, ( NOT SERVER.CFG ) otherwise server crashes or instability may occur on larger maps!
  5. Add +gamemode “dayz” to your commandline so that the gamemode is selected during startup.


Default Setup [Custom Map Setups]:

GMod DayZ comes with a few default maps which have all of the spawns, loot and vehicles set up prior as an example; gm_boreas, rp_pripyat, rp_stalker_thatgmodzserver, zs_headattackcity_v1_linux
If you are using the workshop version, it does not come with these due to upload limitations, however you can download them from our Resources page.

  1. Install the Gamemode.
  2. Set up your MySQL Database:
    1. Download/Install LibMySQL (Windows / Linux) ( Before the /garrysmod folder.) AND download/Install gmsv_mysqloo_OS.dll (Windows / Linux) ( garrysmod/lua/bin/ )
    2. Setup PLib with your MySQL Database Information. ( data/plib/config.txt ) do not edit the lua!
  3. Add the Required Addons to your Server's Workshop Collection, or use that collection. +host_workshop_collection 1600890432
  4. Start your server! Et voilà!

Manually Subscribing to the Required Addons is also a bonus, and may save time, however is not required. Have fun!

If you have any issues, consider reading the FAQ.


Server Configuration:

You can customize the gamemode to your liking by editing data/dayz/config.txt or (as an admin) dz_configmenu in your console.

(This config.txt file is only generated once the server has been started up at least once.)