FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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There are two ways to get back to the safezone:

1. Die.

2. Find a safezone-teleporter. They are marked on your map (press M) with purple dots labeled "SZ":  

In the wild.

In the wild, there are various spawn locations for items. There is a chance for an item to be a weapon. Weapons can also be found in searchable props.

Another method to find weapons is to do events. Events such as:

  • Care Package;
  • Military Lockbox;
  • Zombies;
  • Insurgents;
  • Combines;
  • Antlions;
  • Cargo.

Follow the steps in order:

  1. Type /stuck in chat;
  2. Still stuck? Ask help from an admin and wait for them to respond;
  3. If all else fails, Suicide.


  • Run around the map. Look in every building, searchable prop and trash can. Loot can spawn everywhere.
  • Do quests. Whilst playing, go to Alyx and get quests. You can have up to 3 quests (4 if you're VIP). Quests yield XP and cash.
  • Become a farmer. Collect fruit and vegetables and turn them into seeds. Plant these seeds in grass/dirt and wait for them to grow. There is an expensive perk that increases farming yield and reduces growth time.
  • Do events. Events yield great higher-rarity rewards. Varying from rare all the way up to legendary equipment or supplies. Events such as Care Package, Zombies, Insurgents, Combines, Antlions Military Lockbox and Cargo. The difficulty and rewards from each event vary from mentioned first to last.
  • Attack players. Remember that you can make them unconscious and take their loot without killing them. This won't increase your hostility.

Hostility translates to kills in a single life. Every kill is worth 1 hostility. You can find hostility if you're holding the tab key. Every player starts with a hostility of 0. If you die, your hostility gets reset.

  • If someone has a hostility of 3, the person becomes a bandit;
  • If someone has a hostility of 7, the person becomes a bounty.

A bandit has no special meaning except that people can see you're on a killing spree if they're holding the tab key.

A bounty means that you're a killing machine that needs to be stopped. You will also gain the following debuffs:

  • Once every 30 seconds, your location will be marked for everyone on the server to see;
  • People can see your equipped weapons in the tab menu;
  • If someone kills you, the person who killed you gains 200*hostility dollars. If you have 10 kills, the person earns 2000 dollars for killing you.