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The GMod DayZ Community is raising funds to turn our gamemode into a real flesh-and-bone game!
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Game Imagedversity

A game currently in development (began 12/3/20) and we hope to eventually release on Steam for PC

Check out our discord Adversity channels for current updates!

Taking features/gameplay aspects from our gamemode and evolving them into an MMO

Planned Features:
  • Openworld exploration (NPCs, zones etc)
  • Openworld PVP (may be area or level based, will require toggle)
  • Item hoarding; Rarities, levels(gear/character)
  • Progression (Gear, Rarity, Level), Item upgrading, crafting
  • Multiplayer, drop in/out. Multi-Region (EU to begin with)
  • Central "Hub" spawn location for everyone. The further exploration is from the centre, the more dangerous it is.
  • Weighted Gear Drop (instead of everything in our current gamemode)
  • Player controlled Economy (item prices, auctions etc)

Please note that these features may change or evolve, I take feedback heavily!

An ambitious project requires all the financial help and feedback it can get!
Patrons will get the opportunity to access exclusive development logs, discuss ideas, vote in community polls and more.
I quit my job to work full time on this project. The money will allow me to keep working on it and also reach out to other developers to build a small team.

I'm really thankful for your support and we look forward to building this game with all of you!

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You unlock:
  • Your name in the credits
  • Community polls
  • "Patron" Discord role and channel
  • Rainbow HSV "Patron" title in all GMod DayZ servers
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Tier 2

You unlock:
  • All benefits from Tier 1 plus:
  • Copy of the game on launch
  • Eternal Gratitude

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Tier 3

You unlock:
  • All benefits from Tier 2 plus:
  • Early build access/testing*
  • Eternal Gratitude x2

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