Player Guide



About the game:

Welcome to GMod DayZ. Your main goal in this gamemode is to survive. Loot, forage, mine, steal and shoot your way to glory!
There are a bunch of things to keep track of: Your thirst, Hunger, Health and Blood levels. Be careful of zombies and be careful of others!
Everything you do is saved, instantly. This includes blood, health, deaths, your items, your character and your position when you log out.

The Basics:

Your goal in this gamemode is to survive, here are a few simple and easy tips to aid you in maximising your chances. 

  1. Venture out around the map avoiding zombies and players while gathering some of the key items such as food and drink to aid you in your survival.
  2. Gather yourself some resources such as wood by punching trees/wooden objects along with stone via the ground or stone objects. Use these to craft tools/gear. (Crafting Menu)
  3. Find a means to protect yourself, venture forth and obtain yourself a weapon and some ammo to match. All ammo is decompilable so depending on what you find, you can make your own ammo. Use a repair-kit to not lose items while decompiling!
  4. Now with the basics out of the way you should attempt to get better gear, this can be done by obtaining 3 of any tool or gun then taking them over to the upgrade table to swap 3 of the same rarity for one of the next tier up.
    Doing this will result in your weapons doing more damage as they progress through the tiers, making your chances of survival just that little bit more.

Things to consider:

  • So you want to get places quickly? Keep an eye on your hunger and thirst because the more you run, the hungrier you become.
  • Don't let your stamina reach 0, you'll be exhausted for a couple seconds slowing you down and making you vulnerable to enemies.
  • Beware the radiation zone, its noticeable by the particles floating through the air. Make sure to always take Radiation pills or a Radiation suit to comfortably venture within.
  • Always be aware of what you consume, some things will not only have negative effects but may also kill you. Like bleach for example. Duh.
  • Beware if you choose to fight other players, this will result in you being PvP flagged. You will not be able to teleport (disconnecting will also kill you) to the safezone for the listed time.
  • Join events, theres events going on at all times including world bosses. Join in for some great XP and loot!


Loot spawns everywhere in the world, inside and outside. Different areas may have different loot types (Industrial, Medical, Weapon, etc) therefore it's useful to check everywhere.
It's also more efficient to check every corner as loot isn't always on the ground, there can also be loot hidden within furniture so make sure to check everything to maximise your gain.

A recent feature added is now lootables such as wardrobes and cars but the searchables can be any prop you find! So make sure you double check everything you see out in the world.


Other tips:

  • Pills cure sickness. (Check the type, there are multiple pills!)
  • Bandages allow you to revive your downed friends and stop bleedout!.
  • Water bottles are a strong and sustainable source of thirst. You can refill empty water bottles by gathering water.
  • Some clothes can boost your weight capacity, for example Ghillie suit's give 10 in its common form.
  • Most items can be decompiled for blueprints. Items that cannot will not have the option available.
  • Repair Kits prevent items breaking while decompiling. The Repair Kit takes damage instead.
  • Make sure to use paper to learn blueprints early on when decompiling items.
  • Rarity = Bonuses. The better the kit the better the stats it gives you.


Starting Out:

As a new player to GmodDayZ, it is strongly recommended to visit the "Quest Giver" for your tutorial quests. This will give the player a few rewards while teaching them basics with the crafting system. For a more in-depth overview; please see the "Processing Items" section.

As a new player, you might be fresh, in unfamiliar surroundings, but these guides are here to help. If you are desperately lost, never fear to ask for help in chat. For a list of chat commands see the "Chat Commands" section. For now, here are a few basic commands to get you started.

  • !workshop -  This command directs you to the content pack should see any errors on the map.
  • /stuck - This command will unstick you from parts of the map should you be stuck.
  • // or /ooc- Before your message will post it in GLOBAL chat.
  • /g, /group, or using TEAM CHAT will post your message in the player's current group.

As a player joins for the first time they will receive their Day 1 rewards. It is advised to bank the money you receive in order to keep it between lives. This can be done by interacting with the Bank, or by pressing T or F4. (This can be changed in the player options.) As a new player, it is advised to avoid any of the "Event Zones" on the map, as a fresh player will find these areas nearly impossible without any gear, leading to the players death and frustration in a new world. While the loot is always enticing, in most cases the events require players to kill a number of AI enemies.

As a player enters the "Overworld" and begins their looting adventure, a wise player will check everywhere and everything for loot. If it looks like an area has no loot then it can be said that you aren't looking hard enough. After a player loots, it is always advisable to return to the safezone to bank what you wish to keep, or sell what you don't want. From the shop a player can buy all sorts of items to further progress themselves. Or they can spend their hard earned money with other players to purchase things that are not currently stocked in the store.

Returning to the Safezone:

Players can return to the safe zone by finding a teleporter in the overworld. These are marked on the compass with purple portal icons and a SZ. These teleporters take 10 seconds to activate and are usable as long as the player is not stricken with a PVP timer. To find out more about this timer please visit the "PVP" sections of the guide.


  • Q(default) or F4(fallback) - Opens Inventory (rebindable in menu settings)
  • R - Reloads or Fists
  • E + Click - Interacts with most objects. 
  • C - Context menu (or to modify weapon attachments)
  • X - Voice Chat
  • SHIFT+X - Group Voice Chat
  • M - Map

Here are some goals you might want to reach when starting off:

  • Stock up on food and drinks.
  • Get crafting resources.
  • Reach level 1 (200 XP) and bank your gear.
  • Get a melee weapon to fend off zombies.
  • Watch your weight! being over burdened will slow you down heavily the more you carry.

Everything you say, including voice chat is limited to a distance, this is called Local. You can change your chat channel by add these before your message, just like DarkRP.

  • Global Chat - Available via //, /ooc
  • Trade Chat - Available via /t, /trade
  • Group Chat - Available via Team Chat or /g, /group
  • Stuck? Type /stuck to teleport back to safezone.

You will encounter different Status Effects in the game. These include:

 Fresh Spawn. You are not able to exit into the wild.
 PVP. You have been attacked, or have attacked another player. You cannot teleport to the safezone. Disconnecting during this timer will kill you.
This is self explanatory. 
 Fed / Well Fed. Grants bonus to blood / health regeneration.

 Pain Relief. Once pain medication is taken this will stop the screen blur at low blood levels.

With higher levels, you unlock new skills and crafting recipies.

Multiple ways exist for levelling up, including but not necessarily limited to:

  • Killing zombies, animals,bandits and combine
  • Eating cooked food.
  • Planting seeds
  • Gathering materials using your fists or tools
  • Crafting/cooking

Processing Items:

Crafting items can be done in the crafting menu; this menu is accessible in the inventory by clicking on the crafting button. This can be found by pressing inventory and clicking on the roll of fabric icon.
This menu allows the player to craft items, weapons, armor, and consumables; found within the world using the resources in their inventory. Only items the player knows the recipe for can be crafted.
Crafted items will take on the average durability and quality of the items used to assemble them, and will reward XP based on the number of parts and the location it was crafted. Crafting inside the safe zone will return less XP then if the item was crafted in the overworld.

Cooking items is also done within the crafting menu. Cooking items also functions like crafting where multiple ingredients are combined to make one finished product. However cooking requires a fire.
Cooking follows the same XP, rarity, and durability trend as crafting, however with cooking durability is much less important, as food and drinks always restore the same quantity.

Items can be decompiled with or without a repair kit. Items decompiled with a repair kit return all resources used to construct the item at the quality of the original item. However the repair kit will take damage to compensate for this.
Repair kits can be stacked to improve their efficiency, the more you have in a stack the less damage is done to the entire stack.
Items decompiled without a repair kit can return materials that were used in construction of the item. However most of them will be lost. Dust will only be granted as compensation for the items lost if said decompiled item is not used in crafting. However the durability of the returned materials will be lower then the original item.
Decompiling is also a great way to learn new recipes regardless if a kit is used or not.
Decompiling an item with paper in your inventory will grant the player the blueprint of the decompiled item assuming that the item can be crafted by the player. Be warned however, as not everything can be crafted at level 1.

Items can be upgraded at an upgrade table using Upgrade Kits. These kits can be applied to an item of any rairity within the same catagory to upgrade one item to the level of the upgrade kit. So for example, if a player applies a legendary primary kit to a common MP5, it will return the player a Legendary MP5.
Players can aquire these kits by decompiling items they find, either with, or without, a repair kit. This gives the player an upgrade kit of one rairity lower then the item they have decompiled. For example, decompiling a Rare item will give the player an Uncommon kit. Unobtaniums are NOT decompilable. However, they can be upgraded for 3000 dust at the upgrade table.
These upgrade kits can be upgraded at the upgrade bench by combing kits together, this allows players to upgrade items all the way to Unobtanium, allowing the player to keep the item upon death.
The kits required to upgrade to the next teir are as followed. Common:3 Uncommon:4 Rare:5 Super Rare:5 Epic:4 Legendary: 3 Mythic: 5



PVP Weapon damage calculations are as followed, X*0.0625 where X is the total damage of your weapon. This is further modified by hit location and armor of the target. All damage is relative to RNG with a +- 0.125 difference between all impacts. Please see the ARMOR section for further modifiers,

The PVP timer comes into effect any time the player damages another player, loots a body, or is damaged by an NPC. During this timer you cannot use any safezone teleporters. Disconnecting during the PVP timer will instantly kill you to prevent combat logging.

When players loot a body or engage another player they will suffer a PVP timer of 360s, When shot by an NPC the timer is 30s. This timer is not additive and will be reset upon either condition being met again.

In some cases, players may engage in non lethal PVP. This is when a player knocks another out with a tranquilizer gun. You are not dead in the "unconscious" state, however the player does retain the option to kill you. You will awake after 30 seconds of being knocked out. You can prevent this damage with items that reduce "torps."

When a player receives enough negative reputation the player will be flagged publicly as a bandit. Players can engage bandits for no reputation penalty. After enough negative reputation is gained a bounty will automatically start by the server. With a bounty, a credit reward will be given to the player that successfully kills the bounty target. Said target will have their position updated on the compass every 30-60 seconds for ease of tracking, their current gear will also be shown. The lower the bounties reputation the higher their credit reward will become.

Bandit and Bounty status will not disappear upon logout. They are only successfully removed when the player is killed by another player, resulting in their reputation being returned to normal.

Medical System:

The medical system in DayZ is not that complex, featuring Bleeding, Sickness, Blood Level, Radiation and Pain.

  • Bleeding is stopped by Bandages or Fabric strips.
  • Sickness is cured by anti sickness pills.
  • Blood Level is restored by either eating food,Aloe-cream, waiting, or using a blood kit..
  • Radation is cured by Anti Radation Pills.
  • Pain is removed by Anti-Depressant pills.
  • Important note: The use of all medical supplies can be sped up with the perk "Hasty Healer."

Blood level is mostly a general health pool. It can be depleted by taking damage or bleeding.
Blood level can be restored over time, by eating, Aloe-cream or using a filled blood kit on yourself. Blood kits can be filled by a player at any time at a cost of their own blood.
Being at a well fed state will improve the rate of natural blood regeneration.

Pills in Dayz come in three forms:

  • Anti-Radation:

Anti-Radation pills remove radation, restore a small level of health, and add torps damage to the player.

  • Anti-Sickness:

Anti-Sickness pills remove sickness from a player, restore a moderate level of health and heal a moderate level of torps damage.

  • Anti-Depressants:

Anti-Depressants add two minutes of "Pain Relief" to the player while restoring minimal health. Pain Relief removes the blur and shaking from a player at low blood levels.



Perks are upgrades that can be bought by the player for Credits. They are used to augment a player's account with small positive bonuses that are never lost. Their prices range from 100c to 1500c and fall into three basic categories. Action Perks, Crafting Perks, and Account Upgrades. After a perk is purchased, it gives the player an inventory item that MUST be consumed to have the effect applied to the account.

Players may posses all perks, players are never locked into only a limited number of them.

Action Perks are perks that provice bonueses to specific actions a player performs. These perks are:

  • Hasty Healer; 750c

After a player takes this perk, all self medical actions are performed at 20% faster.

  • Scavanger: 950c

After a player takes this perk, all items are picked up 50% faster. Items can also be picked up by tapping E rather then pressing E and selecting the "COLLECT" option.

  • Doctor Prospector; 750c

After a player takes this perk, all mining actions are performed 50% faster and provide an additional 20% chance to COPPER, IRON, GOLD, and DIAMOND collection chances. Woodcutting speed is also affected by this perk.

  • Fancy Farmer; 750c

After a player takes this perk, all plants grown by the player grow 33% faster and provide a minimum of two produce per seed.

Crafting Perks provide a specific bonus to crafting actions performed by the player. These perks are:

  • Nimble Fingers; 750c

All crafting and cooking actions are performed 25% faster.

  • Wreck It!; 750c

All decompiling actions are performed 25% faster.

  • Bullet Bill; 300c

All ammunition will return ~50% more material when decompiled.

Account Upgrades are perks that affect a player's account at all times. These perks can include removing the need for a flashlight, adding bank space, or allowing the player to spawn with additional starting gear.

  • Bank Space Upgrade; 100c

Bank Space Upgrades increase the players bank space by 100 per use, up to a maximum of 5000.

  • Being Bulimic; 500c

Hunger and Thirst will decrease 20% slower.

  • Bits 'N' Bobs; 150c

Bits 'N' Bobs will allow players to learn blueprints from decompiling without the need for paper. Taking this perk as early as possible will make it most effective.

  • Cheetah; 1500c

Cheetah effectively doubles a player's sprint duration. It does not change the regeneration rate of the players sprint meter.

  • Dead Man's Luck; 1000c

Dead Man's Luck provides players an additonal 1% chance to keep an item on death. This perk does not stack and may be only taken once.

  • Doped Up; 1000c

Doped Up grants the player an endless "Pain Killer" status, this effectively removes the effects a player will feel from a low blood level. The player will not gain an additional health as if they consumed Anti-Depressants.

  • Enlightenment; 300c

Enlightenment removes the players requirement for a flashlight. Allowing them to toggle the flashlight on with the "FLASHLIGHT KEY" regardless of the inventory items presence in their inventory.

  • Fresh For Less; 1000c

Fresh For Less reduces the players "Fresh Spawn" timer from 120s to 60s. Allowing the player to equip weapons faster after respawning.

  • Happy Camper; 1250c

Happy Camper allows the player to respawn with a free medium backpack. Granting them an additional 40 weight upon respawn.

  • Hoarder; 750c

Hoarder automatically collects all Money, Meat and Ammo drops from NPCs when killed, regardless of distance. Be warned however, as meat has a weight of 1.

  • Morning Wood; 750c

Morning Wood automatically equips the player with "Wooden Armor" when they spawn. This armor has an armor rating of +40, and allows the player to take additional damage upon their resurrection.

  • Quick Learner; 350c

Quick Learner allows for the player to have an additional 20% chance at gaining recipes from books when read. This perk is best taken early on to minimize the number of recipe books the player will need to read.

  • Sneaky Bastard; 1000c

Needs additional testing. To be edited.

  • Strong Back; 1500c

Needs additional testing. To be edited.

  • Violent Background; 750c

Violent Background automatically equips a player with a crowbar upon respawn. This is a free melee weapon and allows players to quicky defend themselves right out of the spawn portal.


Resource Gathering:

Farming is a great way for players to reap rewards from the earth. Simply crafting a seed and planting it is the basics of the art. It is highly recommended for the player to purchase the Master Farmer perk to see improved yield with crops. (Minimum produce per plant becomes 2,)
When the plants are finished growing you are rewarded with up to five plants of the given seed type, with a minimum rarity of three lower then the seed's rarity. You will always regain one produce of the original seed rarity however. Many of these products can be sold to other players, stores, or processed into high end items like advanced food or medical supplies.

Mining is a great way for players to acquire materials such as Copper and Iron. Both of these metals combined with other resources make up the bulk of gear crafting a player has access to. Players can begin basic mining by simply punching the ground, however equipping a pickaxe is highly recommended. At minimum a player will acquire stone, a resource that can be refined into a multitude of useful resources. Your chances at a resource other then stone goes up with the use of Copper and Iron pickaxes respectfully. With Iron providing the highest return when striking the ground.

Players can also hunt down resource nodes that spawn around the map. Mining these nodes will grant at minimum the resource the node is, mining a copper node will return a minimum material of copper. Mining from these nodes also can return a material higher then the node itself. Mining an Iron node can return a chance at gold. The materials ranked from lowest to highest are: Stone < Copper < Iron < Gold < Diamond

Players can gather wood from trees with an axe or with their fists, An axe is highly recommended for this task as the quality of wood directly punched from a tree is questionable.

Wood is used in many crafting recipes and is an important resource in the player's economy. Axes can be used to speed the process up and increase the quality of the chopped wood. It is recommended at this time to use an axe that the player can easily repair, as the only difference between Stone, Copper, and Iron, axes is the overall durability of them. Iron axes have the best durability and stone has the lowest. As a trade off, Stone Axes are cheap, while Iron Axes are expensive.


Sometimes it's smarter to not sell certain items, instead sell them to other players, they are willing to pay more for them than the trader.
Some of these items are Gun parts and items that increase weight capacity. You can trade with other players using the menu.

If you dont wish to throw your items on the ground and risk anyone stealing them then just simply go into the inventory menu and use the trading tab on the left side.

The trading menu now has player shop functionality! Go into the trading menu and open up a shop to sell the items with your own price tags to other players whilst you go afk.